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The #1 Thing You Want To Know Is "Why Is Altered Appetite Different Than Anything Else You Have Ever Tried?"

Here Is Why Nothing You Have Ever Tried Brought You Lasting Results: 

  • You are fighting on the WRONG BATTLEFIELD.
  • You are FIGHTING WITH A TOOL not a weapon.
  • You have tried everything under the sun except going to the son of God - you don't know how to PARTNER WITH GOD.
  • GOD IS WITHHOLDING RAIN; therefore, witholding growth because you have poor management operating in your life.
  • You don't understand there is a PARAMOUNT difference between self-control and self-discipline.
  • You don't know how to use truth i.e. THE BIBLE to transform your life.
  • You keep allowing the enemy to ISOLATE you.
  • You truly do not know how to WALK IN THE SPIRIT so you keep fulfilling the lust of the flesh.  

This Is Why You Are Hesitant To Try Again:

  • You cannot fathom trying something else new just to FAIL AGAIN
  • You have failed so many times that YOU ARE TOO FEARFUL to even try again.
  • You think YOU DO NOT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to overcome the stronghold/addiction of food.
  • You DO NOT VALUE YOURSELF ENOUGH to even try to break the never ending cylce of defeat.
  • You do not understand that YOUR LEGACY IS AT STAKE and if you quit now you will be a generational robber.
  • You think YOU CANNOT AFFORD the Altered Appetite Membership.
  • You think you DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME to invest into changing yourself.
  • You cannot see the DESTINY that God had for you.  

Here Is What You Gain When You Join The Altered Appetite Community:  

  • We will teach you the same principles and truths that allowed Doug to BREAK FOOD ADDICTION and overcome his weight woes even after weight loss surgery failed him.
  • We will empower you with the PROVEN SYSTEM that has helped countless others experience breakthrough and freedom in their own lives.
  •  We will teach you HOW TO FIGHT ON THE RIGHT BATTLEFIELD so you can operate as the overcome that Christ made you to be.
  • We will teach you HOW TO FIGHT WITH WEAPONS so you start overcoming strongholds and then HOW TO USE TOOLS to reverse what you did to your body. 
  • We teach you HOW TO INVOKE THE RAIN OF HEAVEN through good management so you can tap into the GRACE OF GOD - this means the tools that did not work before will all the sudden work supernaturally.
  •  We will teach you how to walk in he FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT (SELF-CONTROL) rather than the FRUIT OF PRIDE (SELF-DISCIPLINE).
  • We will teach you how to COMMAND MOUNTAINS OF TRUTH to appear before you so you can ascend them and be TRANSFORMED BY TRUTH, just like Jesus was on the Mountain of Transfiguration.
  • We will provide you a community where ISOLATION IS BROKEN and you will be able to plug into THE POWER OF THE PACK.
  • We will teach you HOW TO WALK IN THE SPIRIT and HOW TO INVITE THE HOLY SPIRIT TO EAT MEAL so you can walk in self-control so that you WILL NOT FULFILLTHE LUST OF THE FLESH. 

The #2 Thing You Want To Know Is "Does It Work?"

Here Is Just One Of The Many Stories From Our Altred Appetite Community:  

Meet Joy Hamm. In September 2018 Joy could hardly get out of bed and move around. Joy had blood sugers that were between 300-400 on a regular basis. Her A1C was around 18.  

Currently Joy has lost 90+ lbs and her blood sugar readings are around 130 and her A1C is now about 5.6. Just look at the transformation below.

The #3 Thing You Want To Know Is "How Much Does It Cost?"

Moneterily The Altered Appetite Community Is Ridiculously Affordable, But It Will Cost You Everything That Does Not Line Up With Your Identity In Christ Jesus!!!

  • The Altered Appetite Membership is JUST $5 A MONTH
  • This IS NOT A LIMITED TIME OFFER and you will not see some fake countdown timer, or limited time offer. There is no sales gimmicks here.
  • God clearly instructed us to HELP AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE. So we made this VALUALBE MEMBERSHIP rediculously affordable. 
  • Don't let the price FOOL YOU. This is a life-altering community that will FOREVER CHANGE YOU.

I Answered Your Top Questions Now I Have Just One Question For You "What Is Stopping You From Changing Your Life Forever?"

Please Do Not Wait 17 Years Like I Did Before You Allow Truth To Transform You!!!!

I need you to see the truth, A YEAR FROM NOW you will be in 1 OF 3 PLACES:

  • Exactly Where You Are Today - Still Bound By The Addiction/Stronghold Of Food
  • A State Where Your Health & Quality Of Life Have Further Declined And You Are Worse Off Than You Are Now
  • Walking The Overcoming Life With Christ Jesus

I collected truth for 17 Years and it never changed me. I had to find out how to be transformed by truth. After I found the secret keys of transformation, it just took me 12 months to change. These two pictures above are only 12 months apart.

Now I am not saying this is typical results. What I can tell you though is that if you will join us on the journey you will be better off a year from now. Our typical member can expect to lose 5 to 10 pounds a month.

We have helped many individuals accelerate their breakthroughs. Will you be next? It is time to put away the lies and the excuses!!! It is time for REAL LASTING CHANGE!!!